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Home-to-Vehicle Charging/Vehicle-to-Home Power Supply with Outlander PHEV

08.01.15 Home-to-Vehicle Charging/Vehicle-to-Home Power Supply with Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces today that the Outlander PHEV is now also able to supply electrical power to home using a V2H*1 system*2 in addition to be able to be charged from a domestic outlet. To date, the use of a V2H system had only been approved for all-electric vehicles such as the Mitsubishi i- Miev series. However, it has recently been approved that the Outlander PHEV will be treated as an all-electric as its engine does not run while the vehicle is connected to a V2H system. The V2H system makes it possible to use the Outlander PHEV as an emergency power source, supplying electricity stored in the vehicle's drive battery to run domestic appliances in a power outage or a natural disaster. This is a world-first for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. As a result, both current and future owners of theOutlander PHEV will be now able to use a V2H system*3.


In addition, available as a factory option as in the past, a 1500W AC100V power feeder*4 enables the Outlander PHEV to directly power electrical appliances either at an evacuation site in an emergency or when engaged in outdoor leisure activities.



Vehicle to Home


Connectable to the SMART V2H made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, the EVPower Station made by Nichicon Corporation and the Tsubaki eLINK made by Tsubakimoto Chain Co.


Connecting to the V2H system is available only with vehicles with a quick charging socket installed.


The Outlander PHEV's 1500W AC100V power feeder will supply enough electrical power to meet normal domestic requirements for a day from a fully charged battery, and up to 10 days power with a full gasoline tank.

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